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Personal Training

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For years, personal training has always been associated with the rich and famous. Wow! How things change! Now, personal training is mainstream, affordable and for everyone. Whether it’s seniors trying to maintain a life in the fountain of youth, mom’s trying to maintain their figure and keep up with the kids, athletes trying to obtain peak performance, executives working on their golf swings, or a beginner that is making a lifestyle change, you will find it all at Max Fitness.

Our trainers will create a specific exercise routine just for you and guide you down the path of fitness. If you are recovering from injury, interested in functional training or athletic training, curious about Spartan workouts or crossfit coaches, our trainers are second to none and ready to assist you! We believe in you and that the training should be about your needs and your goals. Having a tough time getting motivated? Not getting enough out of your exercise routine? Need to lose those last few pounds? Why not a trainer? Why not you? Why not right now?

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