Group Fitness

It’s a group thing! Our group fitness program is out of this world! We offer a variety of “world class” group fitness programs that appeal greatly to first timers and veterans alike. Raise the Bar in Group Power™, Stretch yourself in Group Centergy™, Step up your game in Group Kick™, and get rocked to the core in Group Core™. The music rocks, the moves shake, the instructors coach, and the group environment keeps you coming back for more! The minutes quickly melt down as you experience the greatest workouts ever!

Designed to make you feel successful and challenged, our group classes are just what the doctor ordered! They are truly your best medicine and guaranteed to help you change for the better. So, check out our group fitness programs and download our schedule to discover the best class times that will compliment your daily routine. Bring a friend or meet new ones in a group fitness experience that you will never forget!