Please follow the following process to ensure that your cancellation is fully processed and received. 
1. Fill out the form below, you will receive a confirmation email that the request was received.
2. Please note, this is a 30-day notice cancellation request, so you will be billed for the last 30 days.
3. If you have any outstanding balance, please make sure your balance is paid in full. 
4. Depending on the reason you are canceling and the type of membership you are on, please ensure you provide either military orders/ proof of new address and the cancellation fees required if necessary.
5. Please ensure you check your emails for any updates on your cancellation request.

Cancellation Request Form


Cancellation Form

Valid Cancellation Provisions

Medical: You are providing proof that you have become totally and permanently disabled during the term of your membership.

Total and permanent disability means such disability as would prevent you from using any of the sellers facilities. A written physician’s statement is required.

Relocation: If a member permanently relocates more than 25 miles from the club.

Member must provide proof of permanent relocation. Refer to the acceptable proof list below.

Expiration/Month to Month: If the number of payments you agreed to on your contract have been completed.

Buyout Fee: Pay 25% of remaining balance on contract and cancel immediately.

Option to Cancel -Gym and / PushPay a $99.00 cancellation fee and 30 day notice to cancel at anytime, no proof needed.

Option to Cancel -Personal TrainingPay a $199.00 cancellation fee and 30 day notice to cancel at anytime, no proof needed.

Acceptable proof for relocation cancellation:

Rental Lease: Real Estate or Apt Complex and must be signed by both parties.

Military Orders:

  • Spouse may not use deployment orders.
  • ETS orders require a DD214.
  • PCS Orders require Authorized Dependents for spouse

Utility Bill: Physical address and service address must match (city, state, and zip included)

Drivers License: Requires a recent issue date

Official change of address confirmation letter from postal service – – Must list new address.

  • All cancellations require a 30 day notice
  • Your account must be current with no past due balances
  • All proof must have a date (nothing dated or issued prior to contract)
  • A cancellation fee of $50.00 is required when cancelling for Medical or Relocation
  • PO box is not acceptable (physical address only)
  • Proof must be in members name, listing physical address (City, State & Zip included) with a recent date.
  • We do not use any information printed off-line.

After you submit the form, you should get a copy of the form. If you don’t see it please check your spam inbox. 

Questions/Concerns please call: 706-653-1444