Joanne Schrantz

here are some testimonials I have for PT you can add to that section of the Max website. All these people have sign consent forms.

For almost ten years, Dawn Schueller has been my personal trainer at AC Fitness for Women, and, quite frankly, I cannot imagine myself going to anyone else.
Dawn is a very knowledgeable personal trainer who cares about her clients. During this past year, I was diagnosed with a frozen left shoulder and had to receive physical therapy for 8 ½ months. While going through this very painful ordeal, I continued to receive personal training through Dawn who knew how to tailor my personal training sessions to help reinforce what I was learning from my physical therapist. She knew what I was capable of doing, and she made sure I never did anything that would cause a problem. Through physical therapy and through Dawn’s personal training, I regained my range of motion in my left shoulder and, fortunately, never had to have surgery.

Because Dawn has been my trainer for almost ten years, I believe I know her well. In addition to being a great personal trainer, she is a very organized person who makes great use of her time. Not only does she work for Auburn University as Director of Gymnastics Operations, but she also continues to be a personal trainer very early in the mornings. For some people this would be too difficult to manage, but Dawn does an outstanding job in both areas.

Although I admire her knowledge as a personal trainer as well as her organizational skills, I most admire Dawn for being a person who cares strongly about her family. Her husband Bob, her two sons (Jake and Eric), and her daughter Rebecca, are very important to her, and I am sure they know how blessed they are. It is easy for me to know this after hearing about her family over the past ten years and getting to see her children grow up.
In addition to being a blessing to her family, Dawn is also a blessing to me. I am lucky to have her as my personal trainer and as my friend.

Mandy Kahmann

We moved to Columbus this summer and I struggled to get back into a regular workout routine. Although I have always been active and worked out, I gained weight and lacked motivation. I recently began training with Teri and she is wonderful. Teri is a knowledgeable and motivating trainer. Her fast-paced multi-muscle group workouts keep my heart rate up throughout the entire session. As an experienced trainer, Teri quickly modifies an exercise to increase the intensity or backs off if my form is shaky. Teri understands my goals and provides encouragement with my eating pitfalls. I would recommend Teri as a trainer to anyone who needs a jump start as I did.