• For almost ten years, Dawn Schueller has been my personal trainer at AC Fitness for Women, and, quite frankly, I cannot imagine myself going to anyone else. Dawn is a very knowledgeable personal trainer who cares about her clients. During this past year, I was diagnosed with a frozen left shoulder and had to receive physical therapy for 8 ½ months. While going through this very painful ordeal, I continued to receive…

    Joanne Schrantz

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  • Working out with Kristen is awesome! She encourages me to exceed my goals in the gym and with my diet. She keeps me honest and holds me accountable. Kristen is very positive and motivating. She knows just what to say when I am feeling down on myself or feeling like I am not making progress. I have learned a lot from her in the last 8 months and am excited to get back to business since my foot surgery. During the time I was out of the gym, she remained…

    Abby Horbal

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  • I am a 26-year-old veterinary student finishing up my last school year. I have always had trouble managing my weight and the stress of school and the busy schedule doesn’t make it any easier. Before signing up for a personal trainer I was a Max Fitness member for a year and attended the gym regularly. Unfortunately, I had no success with weight loss and I actually gained weight that year. At this time I decided I needed help. Kristen, my trainer, is very encouraging and …

    Justina McGill

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  • Kristen has been wonderful this past year or so! She is always a delight to have around and my results have been amazing. She isn’t stressful or pushy and knows exactly how to use all the machines in the gym. I look and feel great and look forward to the next few months working with her. I couldn’t have asked…

    Sam Adams

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  • We moved to Columbus this summer and I struggled to get back into a regular workout routine. Although I have always been active and worked out, I gained weight and lacked motivation. I recently began training with Teri and she is wonderful. Teri is a knowledgeable and motivating trainer. Her fast-paced multi-muscle group workouts keep my heart rate up throughout the entire session. As an experienced trainer, Teri quickly modifies an exercise to increase the intensity or backs off if my form…

    Mandy Kahmann

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